Hi, we’re the Hammonds! We’re so excited to be a part of the Lifeline team.  Let us tell you a little about our story. Twelve years ago, we began to pursue what living a life on mission with God would look like for our family.  We weren’t sure how to start being missional with such a young family, but we were sure that God was calling us to give our lives to his greater mission in the world.

Our family sought out ways to serve our community in Canton, Ohio, where Brad was serving as a pastor with First Christian Church. We began volunteering with the local inner-city kids’ program and served together every day throughout the summer. We realized that although our family was young, our kids were ages 4-10 at that time, and we could serve together and thrive doing it.

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Brad had an opportunity to lead a mission trip to Lifeline’s campus in Grand Goave. Brad’s heart was broken by the devastation he saw following the earthquake. At that time, he felt that God might be calling our family to give our lives to the people of Haiti. Knowing that trips like this can often cause people to make decisions based on emotion, we took the advice of a dear friend and spent months praying with family and friends to confirm the calling. Everyone confirmed that this was our next step of obedience in our journey with Jesus. Not long after that, we stepped further out of our comfort zone by moving our family to serve as missionaries in the beautiful country of Haiti.

For the first seven years, we served in the northwest of Haiti. In 2019, we moved to Grand Goave, Haiti, to work with Lifeline’s local Haitian leaders. We are now based in the United States and working with Lifeline’s ministries in the Caribbean, Latin America, and North America.

We could never have imagined where this journey would take us and what it would look like just because we gave a simple “Yes” to God. From the beginning, our family chose the tagline “Better Together…On Mission.” We believed then and still believe now that when we are about God’s mission in the world, we are better together than any attempt we could make on our own. We can’t wait to see how God’s kingdom comes in new and powerful ways as we join together with our brothers and sisters around the world through Lifeline!