Sonlight Academy

Sonlight Academy began in 1986 with four students under the direction of Roger and Norma Alexander.  Today there are over 300 students enrolled at Sonlight!  In May 2002, Sonlight celebrated its first full class of graduating seniors.

Sonlight Academy is a Christian, English-immersion school.  As a matter of fact (as far as we understand) it is the only English-immersion in all of Haiti.  This means that all students begin their education at Sonlight during their pre-school years.  They begin learning English and by early elementary are taught completely in English..

We (Brad and Susan) both teach at Sonlight Academy.  Casey, Carter, Riley and Ally are all students there as well.  It has been a great advantage for our kids as they have not had to struggle with a language barrier at their new school.  They have been able to make friends quickly at school.  Those friends then have been able to help our kids learn Kreyol, the common language of Haiti, so that they can talk to people in the community and make new friends there as well.

At Sonlight, French is also taught as a separate subject in all grades.  By graduation, students are trilingual, fluent in English, French, and Kreyol.