Sonlight Bible College

Sonlight Bible College was founded in 2004 and is a part of Sonlight Ministries in Port-de-Paix, Haiti.  Currently their are over 100 students at Sonlight Bible College with a staff of 6 professors.  Sonlight Bible College exists to carefully reclaim the Gospel from the hands of oppression and place it back into the hands of God’s people.  The college teaches and trains Christian leaders to creatively engage the Scriptures and Christian Theology to learn to embody Christ in our world of complex social, political and environmental problems.


Currently, Brad teaches “NT 103 – The Life of Christ”, “NT  303 – The Book of Acts”, and “CM 320 – Introduction to Discipleship” at Sonlight Bible College.


Sonlight Bible College offers several options for students and professionals:
– 5 year Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Christian Theology

– 2 year certificate program in English
– 2-3 year certificate program in Bible

Sonlight Bible College teaches courses in several fields:
– Bible and Biblical Languages
– Christian Theology and Ethics
– Christian Ministry
– Church History
– Religious Studies


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